Saturday, 21 June 2014

How To Teach Your Child To Write

Mark making is the start of a journey towards being able to write.

Mom teach her daughter to start writing. 

              First Start to write Mark making is an important tasks for Child. When your child first starts to mark make or write, it is the beginnings of a journey that observe them gradually make sense of their world , solve problems and record their feelings and observations. It should be exciting and an enjoyable activity through which child can experience success.

                 It is an exciting time when your child begins to study with different-shaped marking. This is known as 'mark making'. It is the start of a journey towards being able to write and is a real developmental milestone.

                 By providing your child with a variety of mark-making opportunities you can help them develop imaginatively, creatively and physically.

                School has traditionally been the place where children 'learn to write' but, as a parent or carer, you can play an important part in providing exciting early writing opportunities.

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Mom and daughter.

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