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How Do Kids Learn to Recognizing Colors

Parents can play an important role in promoting and encouraging children to Learn Recognizing colors.

Mam ask her child to show you a red color

           Colours for child living in addition to learning growth.Teach them any skills as early as possible.You don't have to wait until their age is ready for school. Introducing colors to them is fundamental.Yes, it is an easy task.

           Recognizing colors is a skill that is often difficult for children because it is necessary to know the color words,as well as to identify the abstract characteristic of color.Your kids will learn to recognize colors more quickly when you intentionally teach them the color words and color recognition at the same time. 

How Do Kids Learn Colors?

1. Matching Colors 

       The first step to learning colors is matching them. You can help your child learn colors faster by matching them in blocks. For example, you can ask your kids to help you pick up blocks of the same color. In this way, they can concentrate on that one color and learn to differentiate it from the rest. The next day, pick blocks from a different color. If your child can comfortably match six colors, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Pointing Colors

          The next step to learning colors is pointing colors. This broadens their understanding of the color since you are not only working with blocks but real life scenarios. Also, you can use some books which contain some images in any colors. Ask them to mention the color of each image. Or, ask them to show you "the red cat" and "the green dog". 

3. Naming Colors

         Naming colors is essential in the learning process and is the most important step.However, your child may not be able to learn naming colors until they are about 3 years old.At this time, you can buy books about colors and play coloring games. 

Correct children’s mistakes by referring to items in their environment. 

• This helps a child learn: 
           If a children labels his red shirt as blue, say that his shirt is red, but the ball over there is blue.

• This doesn’t help a child learn:
           If a children labels his red shirt as blue, and you just say, “No, its red,” he doesn’t have anything to help him understand why his answer was wrong.  

Finally Use Color Recognition Worksheets and Color Matching Worksheets. 

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