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How To Teach Your Child At Home

Your child's first teacher is of you the parents

Your child's first class room is your home.

Mom show the picture to her child  

Every mom and dad wants a successful future for their kids.

The way the child learn

        The way the child learns is by the wonderful abilities of imagination and curiosity. Humans are born with these abilities and are basic instincts that help us all survive, learn, and succeed in a competitive world.According to pediatric experts, your baby can read. Not only can they, but they should. Many parents imagine that these skills can be learned when the child starts school,but they are missing out on a beautiful time in their child’s brain,when knowledge is ready to be soaked up like a why not just allow them to enjoy these first few years without the horrible burden of education?

      Teach a child to read. You take little baby steps, and you practice, and the weeks and months go by and please suddenly you’re doing it. As a parent, you can switch on your child to the joy of learning by encouraging their imagination and curiosity at an early age. It gives them a great head start and stimulates the all-important desire to learn more.

      Teaching and learning are not mysteries that only happen in schools. They happen all the time when parents or the caregiver do things together with their child. Even if they are not doing things together the child will be observing you and learning by your example.

        It is all about communicating in a clear, positive and wholesome manner. Asking questions and really listen for answers is a no-cost high value thing to do.

          Education is only a burden when a child is n’t equipped to keep up. Your baby can read,to be sure, but without the practice and teaching,they never will.Or, they won’t until their kindergarten teacher starts in with the curriculum.But why wait that long,when you have sitting before you a chance to fill a child’s mind with the type of education that they can receive only then? Make no mistake about it, a baby’s mind is like a sponge. There’s nothing wrong with Sesame Street and other educational children’s programming.But watching TV is a passive exercise, for the most part. If you want to make a real difference, you need the training tools that are designed to engage your child.

How To Prepare Your Child For Before Preschool

Teach Your Relations and Names

Mom  and Dad teach and joy with their children 


        First Tell Your Relations( Mother,Father)and Next Your Parents Blood Relations and Your Name and Your Parents Name( Child Grand Father , Grand Mother Name) and Your Native Place Name , City , State , Country and Your Few Relative Relations and Names and Their Place , and also Your Friends Name.

Human Parts of The body
         Teach Human Body Parts Like Head,Eye,Eyebrow, Nose , Mouth , Face, Ear, Leg , Lips , neck, Stomach, Hand, Foot, finger ,Nail , Teeth , Hair , Tongue, heel ,knee …. ..Show and teach Your Body and Baby Body also and with the help of some Picture Dictionary for Kids CDs and Books..

Mother Tongue

        First Teach Your Mother Tongue First Letters followed by Remaining Letters . A Mother tongue ( or native language) is first language a child has learned from birth.Mother tongue harks back to the notion that linguistic skills of a child are honed by the mother and therefore the language spoken by the mother  would  be  the  primary language that the child would learn. The first 
language is that it brings about the reflection and learning of successful social patterns of acting and speaking.

English Alphabets

     After Your Child Learn Your Mother Tongue Letters and then your kids learn English Alphabets in an easier way by relating each Alphabet with an object.Use Picture Books and Videos and English Alphabets Kits

Counting number 1-10 and Colors , Shapes

         Teaching child numbers is not as easy as it sounds. They must be aware of how to teach numbers in an interesting fashion so that the child learns the numbers and retains the knowledge.Draw Numbers are the fundamental blocks that make up a child's education and it must be planned and executed to perfection.And Watch Numbers Video Also And Colors , Shapes, and More Its Helps your Child Leaning Numbers.

 Education is very important for child
         It is the best thing that parents can ever give to them. Education would really equip the child for life ahead. It would also  be important for kids to go to school so they would not just learn  academic  stuffs, but  also  things  like values and traits. This would also be  one  of  the  most  important venues for early socialization. Kids should be educated from a very early age. This would allow a better foundation for future learning. That  is why going to a  norwood preschool is a necessity for the kids.It is crucial that you prepare your child for this experience especially since it would be  the  first  time that they would be going to an institution. They may be afraid  and anxious about the experience. Learn then some tips on how you can facilitate this.

         One of the most challenging things that parents  would be encountering would be waking up  their  child  and  preparing them  for the  day ahead. The child have been  accustomed   to  their  day at home,  that  it  can be hard  to adjust  to  one  with  a schedule. That  is  why it  would  be  recommended for parents  to establish  a routine already way  before the classes starts. In this way, the child would already have a routine of activities including morning and bedtime rituals.

Teach Fruits Names and Vegetable Names and its Size and Color 




          Teach the Basic Animal Groups and pets 

Animal Groups 

       With the help of Picture Books and Videos and also You will try to go Zoo with your Child for this kind of Real Experience. Watch 3D Animation English Nursery Rhyme ... Show Stories in the 'Nursery Rhymes' In Your Mother Tongue because your child easy to understand in What kind of image or picture they will see.

National Symbols 
        Teach Your Country National Symbols like emblem, Flag, Songs, animals, birds  ,  tree, ...  and   also  Your  country   capitals   and   Important  Places.
Show and Explain Some Digital  Products  Like  Computer  and  Mobile  Phones , TV , Musical Items …but Don’s Give to your Child hand. 

      Show Some Type of Trees , size , color ….show and Teach Some Flowers , and its Shape and Color and its smell , just in frond of your Child Nose.Show and Teach about Airplane, Ship, Road Transport like Car, Bus, Truck , Motor Bike , bicycle with the help of some kids game products and also Real Time example.

      Planets of the Solar Systems 

        We have eight planets in our Solar System. These planets circle around the sun (as I’m sure you know already) this is called orbits.Shoe Sun, Moon and Star and Teach all Planet Names.

          You should also prepare your child for the activities that lie ahead. You should already help in fine tuning their motor skills for instance. It would be nice to let them do arts and crafts for this. You should already read them stories and teach them basic things like letters, numbers, and colors.

         You should also make sure that your child would have everything that they would need. It is nice to let them also pick out their things like the bag they will bring and other stuffs. It will let them be involved.

           Drive to the institution before classes start too. Let the child get a feel of the place. Try to let them become familiar with the environment so it would not become too intimidating when classes begin.

         On the day of the classes, make sure to accompany your child. Talk to their teachers too and let them see that you are comfortable about the idea. The first day of class at preschool can be really challenging because of the separation anxiety, but be firm about this.

       You should really follow these tips. It will help you and your child in a major way. You can then ensure that they would have an easy and breezy first day of class.

                       Your Child are the gifts of God. Proper training, nourishing, care and love will go a long way to enhance their overall personality and strong positive character-building in future.

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