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Teach kids Fine Motor skills at home

Fine motor activities are essential to help your child develop

The Child's  are develop their motor Skills 

        Many of your child’s daily activities—like getting dressed, eating, and writing—require control of small muscles in the hands. We call these skills fine motor skills. Your child can do more things for himself when child has opportunities to practice these skills. There are lots of activities that can increase muscle strength and coordination, preparing children for more advanced skills, from writing with a pencil, using a computer mouse, or playing a musical instrument. Help your child build fine motor skills at home by providing opportunities to...

Set the table
Hold knives, forks, and spoons to eat
Pour juice into a cup
Wipe the table with a sponge
Help with meals—stir, shake, chop, cut, and mix
Get dressed—button, zip, snap, buckle, and fasten
Use Velcro tabs
Open and close containers with lids
Cut with child-safe scissors
Finger paint

How Children Learn Motor Skills

        Physical development consists of two major components: physical fitness and motor skill development. Physical fitness includes strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition. 

Motor skills include locomotion 
      -manipulation (throwing, kicking, catching, bouncing) and
      -stability (bending, twisting, rolling, dodging).

             Simple activities such as learning how to tie shoes or zipping or unzipping pants are both great examples of using our fine motor skills every day. 

•      Turning pages in a book
•      Opening a drawer
•      Eating with utensils
•      Pinching objects between fingers
•      Screwing and unscrewing certain objects
•      Picking up and holding things
•      Throwing and catching things, such as balls
•      Writing or drawing
•      Other activities that require the use of our hands

          Kids with poor fine motor skills often dread paper-and-pencil activities. Using fun activities will give your child a sense of achievement while helping to develop essential handwriting skills.

Among the fine motor skills your child will perfect in the preschool years are the abilities to:

paste things onto paper
clap hands
touch fingers
button and unbutton
work a zipper
build a tower of 10 blocks
complete puzzles with five or more pieces
manipulate pencils and crayons well enough to color and draw
copy a circle or cross onto a piece of paper
cut out simple shapes with safety scissors

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